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Covid 19 Response

Thank you all for your continued patience during this time as we navigate the pandemic and business restrictions. As we begin to start taking clients again the following safety measures have been implemented to ensure protection of both client and therapist.


As a ruling from the state of Nebraska, clients and therapists must wear a mask upon entering the building. Masks will also have to be worn through the entirety of the massage session.

Covid-19 Waivers

Each client is screened and asked to sign a waiver questionnaire asking questions regarding their recent travel, possible exposures, and personal day to day health at each visit.

Hand Washing

Client’s are asked to wash their hands before and after their massage session.

Clothing Storage

A sanitized container with a lid is provided in the treatment room for the client to place their clothes and personal items.

Room Organization

The treatment room layout has been designed to only allow clients in half of the room and with a straight path to getting on the table or chair.

Room Cleaning

Excessive decorations have been removed from walls and shelves to ensure more thorough and efficient cleaning between clients. The treatment room is sanitized before and after each client and again at the end of the day.

Cancellation Policy

During this time the 24 hour requirement for cancellation notice to avoid charge has been lifted. As always, if you are not feeling healthy on the day of or days prior to your session please reschedule, you will not be penalized.

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